Things that make you say “Hmm.”

Only this: a certain dishonesty and laziness of mind, and a certain pretentiousness. The Devout Sceptic wants to lay claim to the glamorous depths of religious tradition, without the embarrassment of actually identifying with it. Do not confuse me with a common atheist (he says), like that brash chap Dawkins, who is blatantly ignorant of the controlling passion of Western culture. Consider me to have the integrity and depth of a believer, yet also the searching mind and defiant heart of a Romantic.

So, this is kinda funny.  I start this blog and so far I’ve told no one about it — I just don’t have the nerve.  I fret for days over a suitable name and finally arrive at skeptically devout — mainly because it sounds catchy in a  paradoxical kind of way — even though I don’t know exactly what it means — and also because it probably describes me as well as anything else I’ve seen.  And then I second guess that name for a few more days — maybe I’m really devoutly skeptical, maybe the title shouldn’t have anything about skeptical at all, and so on and so on.  Finally, I decide to see if anyone else has used this incredibly clever name.  Turns out, there’s not a lot of people describing themselves as skeptically devout but lots of people apparently thinking they are devoutly skeptical and, at least as far as this guy is concerned, that’s not a good thing.  Hmm.  Queue more second guessing and a possible blog name change.



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